Panchayat Season 2

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Panchayat Season 2

With the rise of an opponent against Pradhan Ji, village politics of Phulera heats up. Unable to stay neutral, Abhishek sticks his neck out for Pradhan's family. Starring Jitendra Kumar, Neena Gupta, Raghubir Yadav

Genres: Comedy, Drama 
Subtitles:  English [CC] 
Audio languages: हिन्दी

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1. Naach
Abhishek tries to save a deal derailed by an overenthusiastic Manju Devi. Prahlad and Vikas struggle with their doubts about Abhishek and Rinki.
2. Bol Chaal Band
Due to lagging village development work, a political opposition starts to emerge against Pradhan Ji. Abhishek's loyalty gets tested.
3. Kranti
Abhishek gives pace to the village development work. But not without hindrance.
4. Tension
On a slow office day Abhishek and Vikas find themselves in an unusual situation. It's a big day for Pradhan's family.
5. Jaise Ko Taisa
Political opposition against Pradhan's family takes its final shape. Abhishek picks a side, loud and clear.
6. Aukaat
A desperate Pradhan Ji makes an attempt to full-fill his biggest election promise. Abhishek gets a reality check, but in a harsh way.
7. Dost Yaar
Abhishek questions his importance in Pradhan's team. Pradhan Ji and Manju Devi have their own dilemmas.
8. Parivaar
Afraid of losing the perception battle to his political opponent Pradhan Ji makes a tough call. An upset Abhishek tries to emotionally detach himself from the people around.


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